The images herein are expressions of how I (my camera) sees the world or at least the portion of the world that I am able to reach. I pride myself on having a wide diversity of photographic genre experimentation. While I may not have mastered any of them, it is fun to try. I would appreciate your support through feedback, comments, or purchase of any of my images. I am open for any freelance work whether it is commercial advertizing, natural flora/fauna documentation, landscape, infrared, product photography for web sales (amazon/ebay), or even family-friendly family portraits in a natural setting or some other special night or macro imaging, please let me know. If you are looking for something specific for a certain apect/frame size for an image in one or more of my galleries below, please let me know. I shoot all of my images in RAW uncompressed format so that I may go back at any time to make slight development adjustments to resolution, tone, aspect, composition, etc. -John 3:16